Happy Easter!

By now I am sure your kids are bouncing off the walls – maybe you, too! – from an overdose of jelly beans or chocolate kisses.  And that’s a really fun part of Easter – hey, my kid is almost 17 and the Bunny still brings HIM an Easter basket!

And, as we all know, Easter is the time when Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, exemplifying the hope that even after our deaths WE will be resurrected in a new, eternal life with God.  Now I am not going to get all theological on you – I believe that personal faith is just that – personal.  I was raised a Roman Catholic and while I still find comfort in certain Catholic rituals and beliefs, at this point in my life I identify more as a Christian – a quiet Christian; believing that Christ was a good man, a man who faced struggles and had questions and, in the end, showed us that faith can bring you through anything.

When I was a kid, my grandparents went to St. Thomas Church in Peabody MA.  It was a BEAUTIFUL church with lots of stained glass windows, pretty good acoustics (good for singing, NOT good when you got a giggle fit!), stone floors, wood everywhere.  As much as we used to push back a little when we were kids and we had to come inside in the summer, wash our faces and hands, put on clothes that weren’t caked in mud and head down to Saturday evening mass – all forty-eleven of us cousins, aunts, uncles and who knows who else – once we were there we felt that sense of peace and comfort that we could see Gram and Pup experienced through their faith.

Gram and Pup loved to sing in church.  Even in her later years, when her memory was robbed from her by Alzheimer’s, Gram could remember every prayer, every hymn.  One that is sung at almost every Easter celebration is “Christ the Lord Is Risen Today” and while I don’t know that was one of Gram’s favorites, she sure loved to sing it.  Even now when they sing it in church, Mum and I will look at each other, mid verse, and our eyes will full up remembering the joy my grandmother got from this season.

So I know a gentleman through Stampin’ Up! who sings in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.  And this is a beautiful rendition of this hymn.  So to those who have passed on to that other life, to my family here on earth and to all my friends everywhere, Happy Easter!


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