Don’t Live With Regret!

Have you ever done – or not done – something and just beat yourself up for it?  Have you ever wished you could turn back time because you missed out on something?  Do moments like that from your past haunt you?  Well tell yourself that today is a new day and you will never let that happen again!  Start by checking out the retired stamp sets and accessories lists released today by Stampin’ Up! RIGHT NOW!

What, did you think I was going to get all Dr. Phil-ish on you?  Heck no!  I just don’t want you to miss out on some smokin’ deals (check out some of those discounts!), stuff that is going to run out, and getting your hands on that special something you have hemmed and hawed about.

Here is the list of retired stamp sets

2013 Retired Stamp Sets

and here is the list of retired accessories

2013 Retired Accessories

Folks, really, this isn’t just hype – once those accessories are gone, they are G-O-N-E GONE!  And much of the list is comprised of Stampin’ Up! exclusive items or colors so you really won’t have an easy go of finding replacements in the future.

As always, call or email with questions.  I highly recommend you place your order through my online store to ensure that you get your order in immediately and ahead of the other people who want the same exact things you do!

Happy shopping!

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