Cindarella’s Stamps!

Cindarella had the crystal clear glass slipper but WE’VE got crystal clear stamps!  Yesterday I showed you how easy it was to stamp images inside other images without dragging out the Stamp-A-Ma-Jig or giving yourself neck spasms trying to see under the edge of the stamp while you are stamping – come on, how many of you have tried to lay your eyeball right out on the desk trying to peek underneath to see if you are lined up?  Well, no more!

I used the Designer Type Photopolymer Stamp Set and set up a whole PHRASE on one block using the individual letters.  Look:

So Cute

See how that phrase is all spelled out?  Well, here’s a tricky way to get them all lined up so you only have to stamp ONCE!

First, place your block on one of the Clear Mount Perfectly Placed Guides sheets and line it up so the bottom edge of the block is lined up with lines on the OUTSIDE of the block.  Like this:

Clear Block Lineup

See those two tiny lines at the bottom?  Here’s a bird’s eye view – and please note, I nudged it a teeny bit so it is NOT perfectly lined up because when it was the camera couldn’t “see” the line – you will able to, though:

Clear Block Overhead

See how if you line up the OUTSIDE edge of the bottom of the block with the lines on the OUTSIDE, your registration line for your letters is not at the very bottom edge of the TOP of the block?  This prevents your letters from wobbling.  However, as sticky as these little sweeties are, I don’t know that you would lose one!

I am seriously thinking about purchasing a second set just so I can have extra letters!  I am really excited about the possibilities that this new line can offer us.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE our rubber but I have to say that I often find it a challenge to get things, especially letters, lined up perfectly and this type of stamp makes that as easy as pie.

At just $13.95 for all 57 pieces, this is a terrific deal and I am telling you that you will LOVE them.  I wasn’t so sure I was going to be all that interested in the little dingbats – those little motifs that come along with the letters – but they make the perfect little accents for short words or phrases and are so dang cute with the Collage Curios that I am just going bananas making the cutest little flags, tags, banners, greeting pop-ups – the possibilities are endless.

I can’t WAIT to see what the next set will be in this fabulous new addition to the product lines!

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